If you don't want to bury your face deep in your hands, then you need to read this article in and out. Every single mistake comes in with a heavy price. You lose money and you certainly don't want to lose money. Online poker is as tough as offline poker in live casinos and the decisions which you make, can either save you from sinking or destroy you thoroughly.

Hoping Too Quickly for Coins: There is a hell lot of difference between playing actual poker online and watching someone play poker. From now onwards, start studying poker guides and strategies as they will definitely help you out in sticky situations.? At beginner level, watching someone play online poker could be a learning experience but as long as you stuck on watching, you can't be innovative.

Some players are on the constant search for coin flips. You think that coin flips are for prolonging the entire session of poker match. Whenever in online poker, if cash is involved then it is sometimes incorrect to search for pre flop coins.

You will definitely make the most common mistake at this level with an AK in your possession by thinking that;

- I am at a higher level by having none of Non Pair Hands Or - I will opt for a Coin Flip towards any pair which is below a KK Or - I am not way behind, I can do this maybe with 3 outs to KK

But in real life when you are sitting in an online poker room, it is a different situation out there. You will only develop awareness towards real situation on trial and error basis. Hence practicing for endless hours and going through every single USEFUL guide is he first step towards perfection.

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