Video Poker Payout Percentages

Video poker, though similar to online casino slots in gameplay, gives players the ability to influence their outcome with smart strategies. Understanding the video poker payout associated with each game can help players to maximize their potential winnings.

Understanding Payout Percentage

The video poker payout of each game helps the player identify his or her likelihood of winning. Payout identifies how much a player is expected to earn, on average, after betting a certain amount of money. These statistics are most important for regular players to know the elements of online poker who bet frequently and use large sums of money. With video poker, the payout is typically at least 90% and is often higher. While this identifies your likelihood of earning some kind of return, it does not specify how much you might be winning.


Though a video poker payout of 94% may make it seem almost impossible not to win, players should realize that these numbers can be slightly skewed. With video poker, payout percentages typically assume that the player has a thorough understanding of the game. The average winning scenario is based on a player who knows the intricacies of the game like blackjack system and makes the best possible decisions in each situation. New players will have a lower payout percentage.

It may be tempting to choose your games on live casino based on the massive jackpots, entertaining gameplay features, and bonus offerings. However, the best way to increase your chances of winning is to evaluate the payout percentage of each game before making your decision. Higher payout percentages, though not a guaranteed figure, can give you a better chance of winning.